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LearningPin is a cloud based LMS designed to accelerate the orientation and learning process of the employees in your organisation.

LearningPin is


LearningPin is

an Enterprise LMS

Easy to Use

Quickly Deployable

Fully Scalable

Web /
Mobile app

Customised interface

Interactive Learning

Gamified environment

Structured Learning Paths

ILT / Blended learning


Customised reports


LearningPin offers comprehensive tools for training, tracking progress, and skill development for teams. The user-friendly interface amplifies learning and development for all users, resulting in improved performance for learners.

Interactive Learning

LearningPin provides interactive learning experiences, which helps in improving learning and information retention.
You can articulate interactive learning content without having to use expensive authoring tools or without the need to outsource course creation.

ILT & Blended Learning

LearningPin facilitates combining online and offline learning, allowing for online training material to be integrated into offline sessions.
You can manage different types of training techniques, be it classroom activities, a pre-recorded session, a live virtual classroom session, or an interactive online lesson.

Personalised Learning Paths

Every employee is unique. Your training program should be too.
LearningPin offers personalised learning paths to speed up employee onboarding, reduce attrition rates, and use a structured approach to cultivate talent.


LearningPin allows users to create their own competency framework specific to their business needs and goals.
It tracks employee progress against these competencies and generates relevant data and reports.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learners study for an average of 40 more minutes than learners using a desktop or tablet.
LearningPin’s mobile learning app makes learning convenient and flexible for employees, allowing them to access content on their smartphones, even offline.


LearningPin allows you to gamify your learning by incorporating compelling goals, notifications of fellow-student progress, and earning badges to motivate learners and improve training outcomes.
Gamification techniques push learners to perform and keep them engaged.

Reports & Analytics

LearningPin, allows you analyse course performance, monitor progress, track results, identify at-risk learners and create interventions.
It also allows you to automate schedules and reports to be shared via Excel, PDF, or straight to team's inboxes.

We provide implementation, onboarding and training support, technical support, LMS customisation and support services with LearningPin.

Off-the-Shelf Modules for LMS

Choose from over 80 modules on various topics curated to the learning need of the today's workforce. These modules are SCORM 1.2 compliant.


Assertive Communication

Learn effective assertive communication techniques to effectively express your point of view in any situation.


Customer Centricity

Learn the principles of customer centricity and how to implement it in your organisation to improve customer satisfaction.


POSH - Employee Awareness

Educate your employees on the laws and policies related to preventing and addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.

MS Office

Excel - Basic to Advanced

Gain the ability to perform complex data analysis, create professional spreadsheets and use advanced features.



Learn the principles of 5S and how to implement it in your workplace to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety.


Cyber Security

Learn the fundamentals of cyber security and gain the knowledge to protect your organisation from cyber-attacks and threats.


Fraud Awareness

This course is intended to raise awareness of your organisation’s fraud risk management policy and assist you in performing your role in preventing it


Perfromance Counselling

Learn how to provide performance counselling effectively and help employees improve their performance


First Time Manager I & II

Learn the essential skills and best practices for first-time managers and gain the confidence to lead and manage a team effectively.

View 80+ modules from our library containing modules on softskill, technical skill, MS-office, regulatory and compliances

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Custom Content for LMS

With our custom solutions, you can empower employees with knowledge that's customised to their  learning style - leading the way towards sustained growth across every level of performance
Custom courseware development using Rapid Learning Development
Content development using XML or HTML5
Conversion of existing flash based coursesto new adaptive and interactive format to enable delivery on multiple platforms
Expert videos, voiceover & dynamic content
Test quizzes and assessments
Localisation solutions in many languages

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